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Rustan’s Exclusive

Tranquil Gate

 64,500.00  165,000.00

Art Nouveau-inspired Tranquil Gate is decorated with raised white and mica, with of long, sinuous ornamental lines. A platinum line on the edge adds a sophisticated atmosphere to the sleek, elegant ironwork motif design.

  • 68-pc. dinner set: 165,000.00
  • 96-pc. dinner set:        215,000.00

This pattern is exclusively distributed in Rustan’s. You may visit Noritake stalls in Rustan’s or contact Rustan’s Personal Shopper On Call through their universal number: 0917-111-1952.

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Product Details

Variations: 36-pc. dinner set, 68-pc. dinner set

36-pc. dinner set: 6 pcs. dinner plate, 6 pcs. salad plate, 6 pcs., soup bowl, 6 pcs. bread & butter plate, 6 pcs. coffee cup and 6 pcs. coffee saucer

68-pc. dinner set: 8 pcs. of dinner plate, salad plate, bread & butter plate, soup bowl, coffee cup, coffee saucer, fruit saucer, 1 pc. of oval platter small, oval platter large, gravy w/ saucer, oval vegetable, sugar bowl w/ cover, creamer, covered vegetable w/ cover and tea pot w/ cover



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