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Rustan’s Exclusive

Trefolio Gold

 42,500.00  215,000.00

Trefolio Gold features a repeating stylized four-leaf-clover design, presented in multiple sizes on different pieces for maximum impact. The larger presentation is punctuated with raised enamel dots. The soft coloration of white and cream paired with gold makes this pattern accessible and appropriate to pair with any style of decor.

  • 20-pc. starter set: 42,500.00
  • 36-pc. dinner set:        74,500
  • 47-pc. starter set: 110,000.00
  • 68-pc. dinner set:        215,000.00
  • 96-pc. dinner set: 275,000.00

This pattern is exclusively distributed in Rustan’s. You may visit Noritake stalls in Rustan’s or contact Rustan’s Personal Shopper On Call through their universal number: 0917-111-1952.

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Product Details

Set Composition: 20-pc. starter set, 47-pc. starter set, 96-pc. dinner set

Set Composition Details:

20-pc. starter set: 4 pcs. dinner plate, 4 pcs. soup bowl, 4 pcs. bread & butter plate, 4 pcs. coffee cup and 4 pcs. coffee saucer

47-pc. starter set: 8 pcs. dinner plate, 8 pcs. salad plate, 8 pcs. bread plate, 8 pcs. coffee cup, 8 pcs. coffee saucer, 1 pc. oval vegetable, 1 pc. small oval platter, 1 pc. teapot w/ cover, 1 pc. sugar bowl with cover, 1 pc. creamer

96-pc. dinner set: 12 pcs. of dinner plate, salad plate, bread & butter plate, soup bowl, coffee cup, coffee saucer, fruit saucer, 1 pc. of oval platter small, oval platter large, gravy w/ saucer, oval vegetable, sugar bowl w/ cover, creamer, covered vegetable w/ cover and tea pot w/ cover


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